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Create bigger market for your business: The biggest advertizing you can have.

With the increase in gas price, customer find more and more advantages of mail delivery. The standard delivery cost for a small size package is about $10.00. It is easy for your customer to spend $10 in gas going to your store. Also note the time they will save in traffic. And get on time to daycare or home for dinner.

By adding eCommerce to your business, you will increase your  revenues.

We also offer web hosting and domain name registration.

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Residential: In order to make your life easier!

Computer repair - You computer is not working, we fix it. Your computer is giving you errors or is slow? No need to replace it. A good tune up will make it! We also fix sounds problems, internet connections

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  • Software and hardware install - We will install any new software you want or any new piece of hardware such sound card, game joystick.
  • Upgrade - We will install bigger hard disk and memory upgrade
  • Virus - We install antispyware and antivirus software.
  • Home theater, sounds systems, etc.

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